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Project Description
NotesCount is a client side JScript customization, which enables CRM 4.0 useres to recognize the amount of attached notes or attachments to any CRM record (e.g. contact, account, case, ...) within the tab on top of the main form of the record.

NotesCount is intended to improve the UX of all Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 users. By showing the amount of attached notes or files referenced to CRM records without opening the notes tab it will reduce the risk to miss important information.

The project was released first in 2006 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. The current version is updated to fit within the UI of CRM 4.0 and to work with CRM-2007 Web Services.

  1. Navigate to CRM customizations, open desired CRM entity and form, choose form properties, open OnLoad event
  2. Paste the downloaded JScript code
  3. Make sure you changed the tabnTab value within oNotesTab to the correct tab (0 represents first tab)
  4. Save and close the form designer and publish the previous opened CRM entity

  1. Notes highlighted in notes tab on form:
  2. Tooltip containing notes and files on mouseover:

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